About Us

Let me help you have better communication with your dog. I will customize a training plan to suite your goals and lifestyle. Depending on whether you just need an assessment consultation or a more in depth training plan, I have several training packages available for you.

My experience ranges from teaching your dog behaviors that you would ask your dog to do daily to helping you manage an anxious or fearful dog. I have even worked with owners wanting to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen’s test or to prepare for a Therapy dog test. My very first dog I had growing up competed with me in United Kennel Club (UKC) Novice obedience. For several months, I worked with a dog doing scent work where he sniffed out bedbugs at local facilities.

When I can, I like to attend dog training seminars to see what other methods are out there so that I can add them to my “toolbox”. I have attended seminars from some of the most recognized trainers that have been recommended by veterinary behaviorists. Originally, I started attending these seminars because I adopted a puppy that had aggression issues from a family that had lost all hope with her. She definitely had issues and I was quite fearful of her at times but it was because of her that I learned so many skills on how to modify behavior issues utilizing humane behavior modification skills that I had learned thru seminars and reading. It took some time to work thru the problems but she turned out to be a really good dog. She is an old girl now but used to travel with me to assist in training other dogs.

Utilizing all my experiences and my natural skills, I have gotten a good sense of what methods will work best for you and your dog. I look forward to joining with you as part of my team to work towards solving your dog’s behavior issues