Learn about your dog’s breed. It may provide you a better understanding of your dog’s natural behaviors.

I think I have just fallen in love with my Cocker even more after investigating the videos on cocker spaniel field dog trials. It helps explain some of the behaviors that I have seen her do thru her life. I am a pet dog trainer and I would occasionally take my dog out to appointments as my assistant. I remember one incident when she was quite younger where I was trying to show the owners a :”Don’t Touch” command. She had a very good response to my commands and people often complimented me on it. On this particular day, I was completely embarrassed and confused by something she had done. At this home, the owner had a very large enclosed area where she kept her farm animals. She had a few free range chickens. My dog caught her eye on one of them and ran over to them. I yelled out, “Don’t Touch!” She took a moment and backed away but a moment later the chicken started to run. In that moment, it was like she snapped into a trance. She grabbed the entire chicken into her mouth. There was no command that I could give to snap her out of it. So I took the chicken (unharmed) out of her mouth and took her away from the chickens. Boy did I feel embarrassed. Skipping ahead about 15 years, I now can see that they will pick up chicken sized birds. I always thought they did little birds like quail/dove/pigeons. Now that I have been watching these videos, I think it has helped me solve that mystery of her trance that she was in that day.

My American Cocker Spaniel doing her thing.  She is 15 years old and deaf now.

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